The pleasure of driving meets the desire for a better world


Performance, comfort and sustainability unite in a brand new era: the era of electric mobility.

This emerging paradigm has finally arrived to those in search of a car. Over 300 horsepower at the touch of a pedal, combined with a range of over 330km, make for pleasant and laid-back long-distance rides. And because clean and renewable energy is used, every journey contributes to a better future for us all.

The best way to make a point is by setting an example. As well as promoting electric mobility with our cars, it’s our mission to share all sustainable energy developments in an authoritative, factual and inspiring way. Only by doing so will we transition to the production and consumption of sustainable energy in a timely way.

Electric mobility is the future and we’re gladly bringing it to anyone who seeks it.

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Our Fleet

Tesla Model X
The ultimate family vehicle
Tesla Model Y
A small big SUV.
Tesla Model 3
Innovation and disruption in this undercover sportscar.
Tesla Model S
Ample room and confort in a typical sedan.