Over 300 horsepower
Over 330 km of range
Use of clean and renewable energy

Our Fleet

With the technology of the present, our electric cars are the future that awaitts us.

Performance -Electric motors provide all the power no matter the revolutions, eliminating the need for a gearbox or clutch. They respond the moment the accelerator is engaged, giving more control and safety to the driver.

 The location of the batteries on a platform along the car and between the axles - like a skate - creates an extremely low centre of gravity and uniform weight distribution, making the car’s movements dynamic yet predictable.

Confort - The smaller size of electric motors and battery placement has resulted in a car whose space is dedicated entirely to its occupants. The driver and passengers have ample room in the cabin.

Electric motors are less noisy, making for a near silent ride. Talking, listening to music or simply enjoying the trip becomes a much more pleasant experience.

You can’t be comfortable if you don’t feel safe. All our models scored 5 stars in every test carried out by NHTSA and EuroNCAP.

Sustainability - Portuguese electricity production includes several renewable energy sources, enabling drivers to go several kms in a sustainable way. The wall charger provided with each car allows a simple wall plug to serve as power source. Depending on the car and power source it is possible to add 100km of range in 7 hours - using a regular plug - or in just 15 minutes using a High Power Charger (HPC).

Our fleet

Tesla Model X
The ultimate family vehicle
Tesla Model Y
A small big SUV.
Tesla Model 3
Innovation and disruption in this undercover sportscar.
Tesla Model S
Ample room and confort in a typical sedan.

Rent an Electric Vehicle

A new paradigm
for those in search of a car

Over 300 horsepower at the touch of a pedal, combined with a range of over 330km, make for pleasant and laid-back long-distance rides. Because clean and renewable energy is used, every journey contributes to a better future for us all.