Innovation and disruption in an undercover sports car

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is the most recent and smallest of our cars, allowing for journeys of up to 350km and a sportier drive.

With no instrument panel, the Model 3 uses a touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard to display all relevant information to the driver and passengers.

The driver-assistance system detects surrounding traffic and can be used to regulate speed on motorways while keeping the vehicle within its lane. With less direct intervention on the part of the driver, journeys become less tiring and more enjoyable.

The Model 3 comes with an RFID card that provides access to the car. There’s no conventional key.

Some say the Model 3 was created to compete with the BMW M3. We say the Model 3 was designed to show what the future of cars looks like: powerful, spacious, safe and eco-friendly.

If having the future today is a bit too much, space and comfort matter the most, Tesla Model S is our alternative.

If you need a lot of space without compromising your mobility experience, the Tesla Model X is the best option.

If you like Model 3 but you need a little more space, Model Y is the right carfor you.

Rent an Electric Vehicle

A new paradigm for those in search of a car

Over 300 horsepower at the touch of a pedal, combined with a range of over 330km, make for pleasant and laid-back long-distance rides. Because clean and renewable energy is used, every journey.