The pleasure of driving meets the desire for a better world

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X is the ultimate family vehicle, driving over 330 km on a single charge with seven occupants, safely and in style.

In addition to all the conventional controls needed for driving, the Tesla Model X has a 17-inch vertical touchscreen for centralised control of the other systems, including navigation and multimedia system.

The driver-assistance system detects surrounding traffic, and can be used on motorways to regulate speed while keeping the vehicle within its lane. With less direct intervention on the part of the driver, long journeys become less tiring and more enjoyable.

The Tesla Model X comes with a key fob for opening the car’s various doors and luggage compartments. There’s no conventional key.

The falcon wing doors open up and fold gently allowing for easy access to second and third rows both by children and helping adults.

Tesla Model X is an exercise of technology, space and power on wheels. It’s exuberance is as useful to those looking for space as to those who want to be noticed. No compromises.

If space isn't vital and the future is now, the Tesla Model 3 is our alternative.

If having the future today is a bit too much, space and comfort matter the most, Tesla Model S is our alternative.

If you like Model 3 but you need a little more space, Model Y is the right carfor you.

Rent an Electric Vehicle

A new paradigm for those in search of a car

Potências superiores a 500 cavalos disponíveis no pisar de um pedal, aliam-se a autonomias superiores a 300km para viagens longas, agradáveis e descansadas. Cada viagem contribui para o futuro de todos, utilizando fontes de energia limpa e renovável.